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2019 Toyota Camry

2019 - The Year of the Toyota Camry

2019 Toyota Camry - The return of an icon

2019 is the year the Toyota Camry returns to Irish shores, 14 years after it left the market. Regraded as the best-selling saloon in the world, the Camry will mark its return as a hybrid, boasting a 2.5litre hybrid electric engine.  This legend is expected to become available in the second quarter of 2019, and you can register your interest here.



The Camry is regarded as a hard-working, family car packed with reliability and one which boasts a big boot and plenty of room in the back. Ideal for the typical Irish family. Sure, the Camry is not as striking as the C-HR, for example, but it is a vehicle which will get you off your feet. The 2019 edition will boast and interior and exterior to rival high end rivals while the reliability the Camry offers is unrivalled.


The hybrid edition which hits Irish shores is a highly powerful motors and shares the same powertrain which goes into the Lexus ES – 2.5 litre, 4 cylinder petrol engine, allowing the Camry to put out 200BHP. With hybrid technology fitted and relatively low road tax, the Camry will appeal to businesses and fleet owners alike.


Inside the car

Toyota have completely revamped the inside of their cars in recent years and the Camry follows this modern trend. It boasts a big digital screen in the middle of the dash while the front and back seating provides families with plenty of room and comfort. The boot is 427 litres.


While the inside may lack the beauty and feel of a Lexus, the Toyota Camry puts in a good account of itself with the inside oozing quality from the dashboard to leather seats to the digital screen. Rather than completely wipe out what people enjoyed, Toyota made some subtle tweaks to the Camry in order to modernise the car.


What to expect

The Camry is expected to capture the hearts of many people across the country. It is economical, with guidelines suggesting the car can do 50-60mpg. It is kinder than previous models to the environment, with Co2 emissions of 106g/km. As the Camry enters the market, we say goodbye to the Toyota Avensis as Toyota announced in the middle of 2018. Toyota have also ceased diesel car production going forward, showing their commitment to protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions.


With over 700,00 annual sales globally, the Camry is tried and tested. 2019 – The year of the Camry.