Toyota Unveil New 2019 Hatchback Corolla

New hatchback Corolla hybrid unveiled for 2019, replacing the Toyota Auris. This will be Toyota's fourth installment of hybrid, continuing their "self-charging hybrid invasion".

Known as the best selling car in the world, the Corolla has sold some 45 million units since its release in 1966. A firm family favourite, the old Corolla is undergoing a makeover, with a new hatchback, hybrid edition expected to be released in February 2019. The first edition of the hatchback Corolla will be powered by a 1.8 hybrid powertrain while it will also feature eye-catching modern styles and aesthetics.  

The new hatchback Corolla is just one of a number of new vehicles Toyota is releasing in 2019, with a new Rav and the iconic Toyota Camry finding its way onto Irish roads in 2019.

The hatchback Corolla is unique; it is a sleek, stylish and powerful saloon, designed to deliver a pleasurable driving experience each and every time it takes to the road. 

The hatchback Corolla is expected to be a flag bearer for Toyota in 2019 with its predecessor's reputation and reliability reaching legendary status. While Toyota estimates that 90% of Toyota saloon sales will be hybrid next year, the hatchback Corolla will also feature a 1.6 petrol model.

As interest is expected to be high, we encourage customers to register their interest by following the link below. In terms of pricing and available models, we expect Toyota to release more information on the 18th of October 2018. We will keep you updated on news surrounding the new hatchback Corolla through our digital channels in the meantime. 

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