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Now that’s quality

Now that’s quality

15 Toyota cars take top 10 positions in latest German TÜV reliability report
Toyota is the most successful brand in the 2014 TÜV Report for the fourth consecutive year. In the latest edition of the report released today by Germany’s leading technical inspection agency - TÜV, no less than 15 Toyota models were taking Top 10 positions and the Prius the number one spot in two categories for vehicles aged four to five years and six to seven years.

The Toyota Prius showed the lowest defect rate of the category of four-to five-year old vehicles and this year in the category of six-to seven-year old vehicles. The excellent performance of the Prius again underlines the high reliability of Toyota vehicles and of its hybrid drivetrain. Toyota vehicles age particularly well with Toyota dominating the categories for vehicles older than five years.

  • Two to three years old vehicles category: #3 Toyota iQ, #9 Toyota Avensis.
  • Four to five years old vehicles category: #1 Toyota Prius, #8 Toyota Auris.
  • Six to seven years old vehicles category: #1 Toyota Prius, #6 Toyota Corolla Verso, #7 Toyota RAV4, #9 Toyota Yaris.
  • Eight to nine years old vehicles category: #2 Toyota Corolla Verso, #3 Toyota RAV4, #5 Toyota Avensis, #8 Toyota Corolla.
  • Ten to eleven years old vehicles category: #2 Toyota RAV4, #3 Toyota Corolla, #4 Toyota Yaris.

Toyota has already been leading previous year’s reports from TÜV. This renewed excellent performance provides further evidence of the high reliability and long-term durability of Toyota vehicles.

First published four decades ago, the annual report by the TÜV has become a helpful guide to customers by showing long-term reliability and overall quality of vehicles available on the market today.

The majority of all mandatory technical inspections in Germany are carried out through the various bodies of the TÜV organisation. The 2014 TÜV Report is based on some 8 million vehicles inspected by the TÜV between July 2012 and June 2013.